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Woman Ends Marriage To Marry Daughter’s Rejected Suitor

A Kano woman, Malama Khadija, from Rano Local Government Area, has ended her own marriage and got married to her daughter’s rejected suitor.
According to Daily Trust on Wednesday, the family members of Khadijah, had accused the Hisbah Commandant of Rano LGA of marrying off their daughter without their consent and that they didn’t even know her whereabouts.
However, speaking with the radio station, Freedom Radio, Malama Khadija revealed that she was fine and living happily with her new husband.
She was reported to have explained that when her daughter, Aisha, decided not to marry the man, she felt that both of them should not lose him and so she decided to contact his family and marry him.
She said, “I didn’t do it with ignorance. I contacted clerics and they said it is not prohibited. When I contacted him, he agreed, but my parents and relatives refused to do the marriage rites. That was why I decided to go to Hisbah and we are happily married now.”
Malama Khadija’s uncle, Abdullahi Musa Rano, however, described her actions as shameful.
He said, “She mounted pressure on her husband to divorce her just to marry the man. We can’t do this shameful thing in our family which was why we refused to join them in marriage. We are not happy with what Hisbah did and we are reporting to bring out our daughter. We want the general commandant and the state government to look into the matter.”

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