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We have two APC factions in Kano says leading Buhari supporter

A staunch supporter of president Muhammadu Buhari in Kano, under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abdulmajid Danbilki popularly known as Commander has declared that a new faction of the APC will be announced in a few day’s time to be referred to as ‘APC Akida’.

He stated this to newsmen on Tuesday in Kano while responding to his recent suspension from the party by the state executives.

He stated that they are splitting the party in the interest of the members whose choices are not respected but impositions of candidates are made on them, declaring that he is not afraid of being accused of anti party.

“On the issue of my suspension from the party, the right procedures were not taken. Investigation committee was not set no warning was given, I was just declared suspended.

” This decision will certainly affect the APC in the state and the leaders will surely regret the action even as the action was taken to scare some members of the party because of their choice of Sen Barau Jibril as the next Kano state Governor.

“They have no choice but to suspend me because I am not a ‘political prostitute’, I am policy minded,” he said as reported by Prime Time.

We shall remain in APC and set up a faction called ‘APC Akida’ that will be based on principles and respect the people’s choice, as against the other faction that is made up of hungry politicians. We will succeed because we are with the people and the people are with us.

“We are products of the past politics that is based on principles and they know that we will never support lack of fairness. The party must subject itself to the will of the people or else it will loose in the future even if we will be accused of anti party” Commander stated.

Responding to question on which faction president Buhari will belong to, he explained that the president has no role in this because he has finished his part. It is now left for the leaders of the party at the national level to resolve the APC crisis in Kano or loose the state in coming elections.

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